BlooM IN GlooM


This makes me really fucking upset. My friend, 2300 miles away from me, wrote a letter 6 hours ago on tumblr saying she was going to kill herself. Since I was able to get on my computer, I have been calling her nonstop and checking everything. She’s not on MSN. Her facebook’s deleted. Her phone just keeps ringing. From Arizona to New York, there’s no way I can reach her.
She might have done it already by now. All I’m asking is for word to spread on tumblr so maybe SOMEBODY ANYBODY she knows will read this and see if she’s okay. Maybe they can even stop her.

What’s disgusting is that so far, I have seen 5 people care about this. 5. Tumblr famous people would have thousands of strangers sending asks and reblogging, getting the police to their house, rushing over. Geraldine, pipesandsushi, has 5.

Thank you to everyone who actually cares. I’ll keep you posted on her condition when I hear something. To those of you who scroll past this, then I’m really sorry you feel like this was a waste of your time.